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    Gigabyte GA-Z270XP-SLI, i7-7700K, Samsung 960 PRO, 10.12.6

    me too need to know whats and where is "Z207XPSLIS..ntrollers.kext"
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    HD630 Fix For High Sierra Beta

    can you post your config.plist worked?
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    Quadro vga card for Sierra hackintosh?

    whats driver and configuration use to work? i cant get work this
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    avast detected multibeast 9.1 have virus and block download

    avast detected multibeast 9.1 have virus and block download
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    EBIOS read error: Error 0x31 Block 0x0 Sectors 0

    im have a same error on gigabyte ga-z77-d3h always wen boot the chimera bootloader write in screen 4 times the error message "EBIOS read error: Error 0x31. Block 0x0 Sectors 0" this error its generated when the bootloader try to read the internal memory card (conected at internal usb port)...
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    Ha HA, The TonyMac Apple

    what's apple? the one of apple menu items? how? click double click ctrl click? the only one for me its a apple menu items drop down
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    install osx on TABLET ASUS TF101: its possible?

    is possible to install osx on tablet ASUS TF101 (NVDIATEGRA2 1,0 GHZ CPU DUALCORE )?
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    what version of VoodooHDA it correct

    first sorry for my bad ingles im confused about what version of voodooHDA is best for use in multibeast im found VoodooHDA 0.2.1 / 0.2.2 / 0.2.56 / 0.2.61 / 0.2.72 / 0.2.73 im have gigabyte GA-Z68MX-UD2H-B3 very thanks karloz