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    RealTeck PCIe Card Reader (10ec:5209) osx driver project

    Maybe AnyCardReader.kext can solve this problem? I ll try it here... then I post here to say about the experience...
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    GK107 on Hackintosh laptop

    Hey guys!!! I have a Laptop with a GT 650M - 2GB VRAM and the same problem as you all. And a good news ! I found over the internet a guy that have a Laptop Alienware with GTX660M working out of the box with qe/ci. I asked him for a DarwinDumper´s Report, here goes the link to download...
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    Multiple GPU Support

    Hey guys, I am finding a way to have qe/ci on my notebook, that has Intel HD 4000 disabled and a Geforce GT 650M exactly like the iMac13,1 I downloaded the ioreg from the iMac13,1 and it has the same config, Intel HD 4000 disabled and the GT 650M the only difference is the imac has 1024mb of ram...
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    GK107 on Hackintosh laptop

    I have the same situation, I tryed, messing with dsdt, with injection and without, changing the kexts for geforce, removing the kexts for intel and ati and still no luck. The things I´ve got: Full Res of my Screen (1920x1080) Detection of The Card but not the memory. (It says 8mb and my...
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    [DEV] Disabling the nvidia card for battery life (optimus)

    Hello, I am playing with this nvidia optimus thing here too, can you send me via email or pm or here, the source code that you used ? Its because I almost have turned on the nvidia here and I want to play with your method. thank you.
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    NVidia OPTIMUS support

    Hi, I have Nvidia Optimus too, I am trying some mods in dsdt here, like switching gfx0 x peg0 and adding methods to make it work My note is a Core i5 with Sandy Bridge :banghead: AND :banghead: Optimus witch is worse (i think) My VGAs are Intel HD with DEV_0126 and Geforce GT 540M with DEV_0DF4