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    gaming keyboard and mouse

    I have read that some gaming peripherals have issues with OSX compatibility if they require drivers to work. I was recently in the market for a keyboard and mouse and I read reviews of some people having compatibility issues with some mice that wouldn't track correctly in OSX. A lot of the...
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    Price check MacBook Pro 17" 2.8 ghz C2D 750gb HDD..

    Wow sounds like you are getting a great deal! After you sell the 13" it will be like upgrading to the 17" for free since you will probably get around $500 for the 13. :headbang:
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    MacBook Pro LCD Screen Goes Black

    First off, is the backlight just going our or is the screen completely going off? Also where are you pressing on the screen? I work at a school and we used to have the same problem with a bunch of the old iBook G4s we had. They would work if you pushed right above backlight board or if you...
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    Hard Drives

    I was wondering what hard drives people use. I used to avoid Seagate and only get Western Digital, but recent reviews for every manufacture seem to be mostly bad. So Is the best bet to just get the cheapest one with a decent warranty and cross your fingers?
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    Price check MacBook Pro 17" 2.8 ghz C2D 750gb HDD..

    Normally I would say that any C2D wouldn't be worth much, but since its the higher end 17" model and it's a unibody in perfect shape I would think that $800-1000 would be a fair asking price depending on where you are listing it. For example, here in Kansas, you wouldn't get much for it vs. if...