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    Simple NVIDIA 4xx Install Procedure

    I did install RC5 just like it says in the guide (like I already mentioned) but RC4 by AsereBLN 1.1.9 is still installed as standard with EasyBeast (MultiBeast 2.5). And this never worked, I couldn't change resolutions or do anything. Until I installed those 2. That's why I was asked which...
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    Simple NVIDIA 4xx Install Procedure

    Still not working for me. Did a new install as mentioned but it still doesn't recognise the card. Still just a generic NVidia card under system info. Maybe it just ain't meant to be? ***EDIT*** Got it working, well kind of. It now says unknown nVidia card 0MB vram, but at least it's the...
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    New Nvidia Driver`s For GTX 460/470/480 Card`s Official

    I hope someone can help as I am completely new to this, just installed OSx on a PC for the first time. I have followed what I believe to be right in downloading the NVidia driver, installing, then changing the from <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> to...