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    CPU and GPU advice

    I am thinking about building a really beefy mac pro like hackintosh for 3D Simulation, Rendering, etc. one of the most interesting CPUs for me would be Intel Core i9-7960X, and, since I use GPU rendering, I would like to use multi NVIDIA 1080Ti GPUs in my system. my questions are: the buyer's...
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    HP Z620 with dual Xeon CPU

    nothing helped, sadly... I also tried chameleon but it got stuck before the installation even started.
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    HP Z620 with dual Xeon CPU

    Thanks, I already looked through all those. I started and booted using clover but it got stuck pretty fast at: b1f: init5 boot0af: error any suggestions?
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    What do you do for work

    I am a 3D Generalist concentrating on heavy Simulations.
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    HP Z620 with dual Xeon CPU

    Hello everyone! I recently bought a used HP Z620 because my iMac couldn't cope with all the Simulations I threw at him and I also needed a rendering beast. Here are the specs: HP Z Workstation 2x XEON E5-2670 96GB RAM Gainward Phantom GTX 970 Anyway.. I miss OS X and all it's glory so I was...