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    Security Update 2019-004 - Released July 2019

    Ah, I now see it does seem to be available. Haven't yet updated but will try soon. Edit: confirm availability automatically, updated macos with no problems, startup on macos vid driver, nvidia offered/updated/installed per usual, no problems.
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    Security Update 2019-004 - Released July 2019

    Any news on whether the nvidia drivers have been updated for this 17G8030 update?
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    Security update 2019-003 Hangs

    Updated with no problem to the most recent security update, including NVidia drivers. Usual procedure.
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    tonymacx86's Haswell mATX: GA-Z87MX-D3H - i7-4770K - HD 4600

    Can anyone with this build running on the built-in graphics (HD4600) share what their multiple-monitor experience is? How many monitors connected, max res, what connectors, using what recent systems? Because of Nvidia situation, considering removing my card entirely and running off the built-in.
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    Solved > Apple Changed 10.13.6 Security Update to 17G6030> No Nvidia Drivers

    I confirm updated to this most recent version before I knew about this issue, and hence did without nvidia drivers for a few days. No other issues with the security update. As soon as the release above here came out, nvidia popped up the updater notification, new driver installation per usual...
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    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 (387.

    Installed it and working fine (but not extensive testing). No idea what they actually changed, though.
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    Any news on Nvidia drivers for use with Mojave?

    Thank you! I had experimented a bit and had this issue (in High Sierra), it just wants to use the card. And now I'm blushing with embarrassment that I didn't think of just unplugging the card. Currently undecided whether I will switch to Mojave but would like to try my setup without the video...
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    Any news on Nvidia drivers for use with Mojave?

    What are the steps to do this? Did you just leave the card in and remove the drivers? Change the boot flag in bios? I tried this recently - just booting into High Sierra using the integrated graphics - but couldn't get it to work easily. But then I can't remember what steps I took, just a...
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    [Solved] High Sierra 10.13.6 security update 003 (December 2018)?

    Anyone have any experience? Know if Nvidia drivers been updated?
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    Nvidia Drivers for Mojave 10.14 Not Available, no WorkAround works well

    Right now the extra performance of the graphics card is less important to me.
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    [Solved] Cannot use Nvidia web drivers after todays 10.13.6 security update?!

    Did not check what system build number is, but updated to yesterday's security update - all smooth with no problems, Nvidia update after rebooting as per usual procedure. Did not do extensive testing but no problems noticed.
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    Nvidia Drivers for Mojave 10.14 Not Available, no WorkAround works well

    I'm considering removing/disabling my nvidia card so that I can update to Mojave, and just using the onboard. Would it be enough to unplug the power from the video card and disable the nv argument in clover? Need to uninstall the webdriver, too (do that after rebooting or before)? Note I'd...
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    Nvidia Drivers for Mojave 10.14 Not Available, no WorkAround works well

    Warning: this is entirely speculation, just me wondering. Apple seems to have some mechanism for determining which computers/cards qualify as 'running' Metal. If your computer/card isn't on the list, Mojave just won't install. This implies that there is something in the profile/codebase -...
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    How to Update + Current and Past apfs.efi Downloads

    I had problems with APFS and upgrade to high sierra, and ended up reverting and keeping the boot drive on HFS+. I plan to upgrade to Mojave in due course - no urgency - and I see that it seems to 'enforce' APFS (including conversion on upgrade) more strictly. I'm okay with that overall as I...