Z620 SSDT strange behaviour

Dec 31, 2014
Z620 Rev 1
Dual E5-2690 v1
GT 730
Mac Pro

Maybe topic sounds strange but I will like to share something that really has blown my mind away ( probably due to I am a hackintohs newbie ).

I have a Z620 v1 with Dual E5-2690 (this cpu is Sandy Bridge EP), I patched AICPM kext in order to enable PM.

I followed a couple of guides found here to perform SSDT and, on my first attemp I used this command: -c 0

The -c 0 flag was used to force or specify that cpu is Sandy Bridge.

This delivers my a SSDT file that makes my workstation perform poorly, Cinebenchs below 3k and poor Geekbench scoring too.

Yesterday, playing with flags again, and by mistake, I changed that flag from 0 to 1 ( that 1 means CPU is Ivy Bridge instead ), and SSDT was completed, no warning such as --> Error: board-id [Mac-F60DEB81FF30ACF6] not supported by Sandy Bridge – check SMBIOS data / use the -c option

When using that config, workstation performs now 4800 and more Cinebench score and Geekbench is now something similar to the scores I can find online with my setup and similar memory speed settings.


Any clue on regards this?

With C 1 flag now my clock steps go form x12 to x36, and with previous flag c 0 it went from 22x to 33x, performing poorly ( in fact, it performed better without SSDT that with the one that in theory was right ).

Who can throw light on this? Or, if there is any topic on the forum that this has been previously discussed, please, show me.

Thanks in advance for the great job done here and how people help each other.