Z370 D3 - RX580 - i7 8700 - Post Installation Gremlins!

Aug 20, 2018
Z370 D3
i7 8700
So, I've had my first semi-successful Hackintosh build. I've got Mojave running on the system, and everything in that sense seems to be working.


I had everything working pretty well except for the USB drives until today. They weren't recognising my external hard drives (USB 3.0). The drives would turn on, but the Hackintosh didn't pick it up. So I started playing with MultiBeast to see if I could solve it.

On my first reboot after some new settings on MultiBeast, a lot stopped working. The wifi would find my internet, but couldn't connect. The fans of the RX580 start when the system starts, but quickly stop moving once the system has loaded into the desktop screen.

What I did today was add a M.2 NVME drive as an additional fast memory source. Not sure if adding this has caused an issue, or whatever it is even being recognised in the correct way. It seems to be recognised not as an additional drive like a USB would, but as a 'location' in the finder menu.

Would anyone be able to guide me in the right direction with all of this?

To summarise issues:

  • Added 250gb NVME M.2 Drive
  • USB 3.0 drives not recognising external hard drive (but still provides power to them)
  • Wifi will recognise my wifi, but won't connect.
  • RX 580 fans only wind up upon booting, and stop once at the 'login screen'