Yosemite seriously graphical issues (10.10.4 Hackintosh with Unibeast on Desktop PC)

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Jun 25, 2015
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Hi there,
I set my BIOS Settings:
i don’t have AHCI so it’s set to IDE. I have VT-x and i disabled it, HPET 64bit, Sleep State S3.

I installed Yosemite 10.10.3 app from App Store with Unibeast USB using boot flags -v GraphicsEnabler=Yes USBBusFix=Yes
Post, multibeast with EasyDSDT, Chimera, Bootloaders, VoodooHDA and system definition Mac Pro 3.1.
Installed the latest driver from Nvidia website.
Later, i upgraded to 10.10.4, hoping that the problem will disappear. No result.
My PC work’s in frames, it has so much lag and graphical glitches (sometimes it freezez and i need to restart). :cry:

I posted a link to the video where you can see the serious graphic issues that i’m experiencing.
Also some pictures, including chameleon.plist that i’m booting, maybe someone has some idea of what’s wrong.

My system is:

-MSI G41M-P26
-Intel Core2Duo E6420
-Nvidia GeForce 7900 GS
-WD Blue 1TB
-Kingston 2 GB 1066 MHz DDR3.
-Current software: Yosemite 10.10.4 with 2 drives, GPT.

Also, at some restarts i get the message ”fixing incorrect zfree from zone kalloc.16 to zone kalloc.32...” and at shutdown the PC just powers up instantly after shutdown (i can only shut it down completely by holding the power button.)

later edit: When i'm using command-shift-3 to prinscreen, it speeds up dramatically (like the GPU is fully accelerating), also i see some performance gain (not graphical, just speed) when i delete from Library-Preferences, but the MF is just showing up again and again. :)

Video showing graphic issues:




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Jan 17, 2015
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I'm having similar issues on my Asus Z77 and GTX750 setup. After the 10.4.4 install and updating the Nvidia drivers, it will boot, but video is just not right. Framerate is slow and only one of the DVI ports works and the video card RAM falsely reports 3GB. I am hoping this is just an issue with the Nvidia drivers and it will be fixed at some point. For now I am stuck in 10.3.3 I guess.
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