Xeon E5 - 16 Cores/ 32 Thr Z9PE-D8 WS 12TB GeekBench 28,000

What would you use this computer for?

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So , you can't start the computer at all or you can't boot into OS X? If you can't get anything to boot, you may have incorrectly flashed the BIOS chip. I would get the chip back to normal using the hot flash, then try modding it again.
Hello all together..

my system is working well with El Capitan, except for LAN and sound, but when I start a non Apple program, like Ableton Live or Bitwig Studio, the complete OS X system extremely lags/hangs, so that it is fully unusable.. :confused:

Can anyone help me please?

Otherwise I will try tuesday only one XEON 2680v3 CPU with Gigabyte GA-X99M-Gaming 5, ASRock Fatal1ty X99M Killer or ASUS X99-M WS.

Many thanks! :thumbup:


Asus Z10PE-D8 ES
2x XEON 2680v3 (BIOS: 2x 8-Core)
Asus GT740
OS X 10.11.1 (without patched Kernel)
Only Clover and only with FakeSMC.kext
If you're going to double post, at least cross link the posts!
I'll have to take a look into my BIOS and see if there's something that might affect the GPU's as I boot in. I've made a ticket for this unusual boot sequence on the Clover EFI support. I'm going to do a couple of different installs to see what affects this. I'm going to do a Legacy Clover install with El Cap, and a Chimera install with Mavericks (because it's the most stable I had on this platform).

I'd be very interested to hear about the results of all this work, if you have some of that yet. Thanks, Jman.

I now have my mobo and am getting ready to order CPUs soon!
Has anyone been able to get El Capitan to boot with this board? I don't have access to anything earlier than El Capitan, I've built a boot drive with UniBeast, but when I boot it gets stuck. It' been awhile since I tried so I can't remember the specific spot it get stuck at... Uh I think it's after the graphics are loaded, and it's an error that's associated with the FakeSMC not loading.

Anyway I'd like to hear from anyone that's done a clean install of El Capitan. Thanks!
Anyway I'd like to hear from anyone that's done a clean install of El Capitan. Thanks!

That would be ImmortalJman. Go back through the thread, and you will find many of his posts about Z9PE-D8 + Clover. I think 10.10 and 10.11 are similar on this board.
Xeon E5 1270's (8 cores/16 threads) going for around $65 on ebay,

This thread was started years ago, but its now affordable to build this machine. Is anyone still using this motherboard? I think this is the motherboard that has had the most work put into making it a hackintosh so if there are still a few people who are using it, this is the one I'm going to get.
I just ordered one recently. Haven't built the system quite yet, though.

Keep in mind, that the V2 aka Ivy Bridge-EP is the one used in the Mac Pro, so I would expect better compatibility from those. On these boards you can use either, as long as you have the correct BIOS version. That is, however, an amazingly low price on the Sandy Bridge E5-2670. At first, I thought for sure it was actually an Engineering Sample processor, but no. It must be a glut of them from some upgrade of a major datacenter like Google or Amazon.

ah, found it: https://www.******.com/r/pcmasterrace/comments/3smipw/psa_thousands_of_cheap_e5_xeons_flood_ebay/

It was Facebook. And they are C1 stepping, not exactly retail. But broken VT-d is irrelevant for us.
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