Xeon E5 - 16 Cores/ 32 Thr Z9PE-D8 WS 12TB GeekBench 28,000

What would you use this computer for?

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Re: Dual Xeon E5 - 16 Cores/ 32 Thr Z9PE-D8 WS R6870 12TB
28,000 is good, better than your TOTL Mac Pro. And yes I agree with one of your earlier comments about how disappointing the new Mac Pros are. No worries though, with Turbo hopefully coming around you should get the boost you're looking for. Thanks for sharing.
Going to install windows today... Hopefully will get a decent performance boost... Just to see what my scores will be like, and what I have to look forward to
Installed a second 6870 2GB today...odd because I got a kernel panic the first time I booted, which did not occur the second time. Turned graphics enabler to "no" and everything seems to be running smoothly... can anyone offer any advice on if graphics enabler set to "no" will be a problem for the 6870s in the future?
I am a visualiser using Photoshop and Cinema 4D, currently have a MacPro 8 core Dual 2.4 and now looking for a faster machine than Apple are currently stocking.

I will keep my Current Mac Pro for pretty much all email/Photoshop so I can work on one whilst this one purely for rendering.

Using all the components you have just replacing graphics card for a NVIDIA Quadro 4000

Can I ask how is the stability when your using AE and anything thats power intense, is it stable?
So far AE has been a dream... I too have the same mac pro... and this new computer blows it away in every regard... except for audio... Personally I am still having problems with the audio output in some cases. I am working on a fix and will post when I find it, but if you will be using an audio card you shouldn't have any problems. it is only with the onboard audio. Problems include FCP freezing and crashing. Since I started trying to fix the problem, things have been working to better, but now 100% seamless yet although everything is "useable" just not quite perfect.

However, do not confuse the problem above with not being stable... everything in the system is stable 100%. No crashing kernel panics etc, however it really just depends on what programs you are using, until I can find a fix for this.
Thanks, I wont need it for audio (maybe in the future).
All it will be running is C4D and then just using it on the network for copying jobs over.

And may try out Photoshop later down the line.

One thing I would just like to clarify

1. on my external SSD copy OSX system from My Macpro
2. on new machine boot off external SSD
3. Install Easybeast/Multi Beast on (blank HDD on new machine)?

Almost but no...

1. Copy your boot drive from your mac pro using Carbon Copy Cloner

2. Boot from the new SSD on the Mac Pro and install Easybeast ONLY

3. Put SSD into new computer and boot (there should be any problems booting as the utilities have already loaded)

4. Install any remaining Kexts etc to new sad boot drive.
great build mate, and congrats on the geekbench result!

love the case. its got an industrial look to it. CL M8 would be my case of choice
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