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You guys don't need to run commands with dmidecode, just run it and all the info you need are at the end of the text it produces, bank by bank dimm by dimm. I literally spent 2 minutes to do this.
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@Junologue @oli.mathieu @shutterbug168 you guys with RX 5000 series cards, can confirm they can output multimonitor and have working DRMs (Netflix / Prime)? Do you use WEG with them? Anyone has any kind of info about Radeon Pro W5500? I'm trying to find the most compatible card out there (I don't need too much power). Originally I bought my actual Radeon VII because it was the closest to Radeon Pro Vega II MPX module, but now I have broken DRMs (with and without WEG and shikigva=128) and sometimes one of my screens (I got 3 x 4Ks via 3 x DisplaPorts) briefly goes black from time to time. In windows this doesn't occur, so I don't think it's cable or display itself damaged.
@pieropontra I have no issue connecting dual monitors to my Radeon VII or 5700XT. On Netflix, I am NOT seeing the 4K option that I normally see on Apple TV. And I don't see any configuration option from the website. Not sure if Netflix needs to update its services to Safari...? FYI: the LG 5K monitor works on my X299 hack with the included Thunderbolt cable. I will test that later. The only problem with this monitor is that, when connected, it will mess up the sleep mode: the hack sleeps normally but wakes up immediately:( My AMD hack has the same sleep problem...
Happy Thanksgiving to all! Quick question, anyone get the new AMD RX 6800 XT cards to work yet? Yes, No... maybe? Enjoy your day with friends and family and Stay "Safe" - I mean STAY AWESOME!
Happy Thanksgiving to all! Quick question, anyone get the new AMD RX 6800 XT cards to work yet? Yes, No... maybe? Enjoy your day with friends and family and Stay "Safe" - I mean STAY AWESOME!
Sadly not yet ,

No WEG release for now.

Have a nice day too !
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Happy Thanksgiving to all! Quick question, anyone get the new AMD RX 6800 XT cards to work yet? Yes, No... maybe? Enjoy your day with friends and family and Stay "Safe" - I mean STAY AWESOME!
Nope for now, it seems the 11.1 bêta release has drivers but no hardware acceleration. Wait and see…
Hey @TheBloke!

Can you elaborate on a few settings that differ from the Dortania guide?
Sure. First thing to let you know is that the initial basis for this EFI was @dolgarrenan's work in this thread:

He got the motherboard first, and did a great deal of the initial testing and setup. Therefore a lot of the SSDTs were first created, or collected together, by him. Some I have later modified, along with the config.

The EFI as uploaded is 100% functional in Catalina and Big Sur, but not complete in terms of cosmetics and tidying up. This is something I'm still working on.

To be clear, I've never uploaded the EFI as a complete and recommended EFI, only to help anyone getting stuck and to discuss with other users (especially in that other thread, listed above). It definitely needs some cleaning up throughout, and there are a number of SSDT related things that I still don't understand myself.
EnableSafeModeSlide (You: FALSE, Dortania: TRUE, Github doc: "Patch the bootloader to enable KASLR in safe mode.") I assume you don't have Kernel Panics on boot?
I certainly don't have KPs on boot. As per the docs, it should only affect safe mode. Not sure why that's false. Possibly I was experimenting and turned it off and forgot to turn it back on. Perhaps it should be True, though I have successfully booted once into safe mode with this config, so also possible that it's not needed on our board.
ProtectMemoryRegions (You: TRUE, Dortania: FALSE, Github doc: "Protect memory regions from incorrect access. Only needed by very old firmwares.") Why do you need it?
Strange, I have it as false in all my EFI backups. Again, I must have been experimenting and forgot it was enabled. Can definitely be set to false, though does no harm at true.

We have a very annoying and unique bug on the Designare motherboard, that you've probably already seen - the boot failure issue caused by booting from BIOS Boot Override, F12 boot menu, or after being in the BIOS and then "Exit without saving". It's discussed at length in that thread above. It also often occurs when there are two OpenCore EFI partitions visible to the BIOS at once, eg when booting from USB stick with an SSD also installed.

In the course of trying to debug and fix this issue, I've tweaked a number of Quirks. So far, completely unsuccessfully.
ProtectUefiServices (You: FALSE, Dortania: TRUE, Dortania doc: "Protects UEFI services from being overridden by the firmware, mainly relevant for VMs, 300 series and newer systems like Ice Lake and Comet Lake.") Why don't you need it?
False because the OpenCore Configuration checker shows it as being suggested as FALSE. I've had it TRUE before also, and noticed no difference. Given that description, probably it has no effect at all on our 200-series system.
ProvideCustomSlide (You: FALSE, Dortania: TRUE, Dortania doc: "This makes sure the kernel will only choose good regions and avoid those that may result in boot failures. It's still random but omits those bad regions in its randomization") Why don't you need it?
This one I turned off deliberately, because an OpenCore debug message stated that it's not required on my system.
ExtendBTFeatureFlags (You: TRUE, Dortania: FALSE, OC doc: "Set FeatureFlags to 0x0F for full functionality of Bluetooth, including Continuity" ) Why do you need this?
I enabled it to get full functionality of Bluetooth including Continuity :) I haven't been able to confirm whether it actually has improved Continuity support, because I can't yet get Continuity working with AirportItlwm. It replaces an old kext, Bluetooth4LEContinuityFixup.kext.

If you don't plan to use Continuity you can probably set it to False, and definitely if you won't use bluetooth at all.
PanicNoKextDump (You: FALSE, Dortania: TRUE, Dortania doc: "Allows for reading kernel panics logs when kernel panics occur") Why don't you need it?
I never quite understood which way round this should be. "PanicNoKextDump" implies that TRUE = you won't get kext dumps. So I set it to false. I am getting panic dump info when I get kernel panics.

Maybe it should be true, not sure.
And you're using a lot of ACPI patches:
SSDT-X299X-DESIGNARE10G-DTGP.aml: "Required for DSDT patching"
SSDT-X299X-DESIGNARE10G-ALS0.aml: I thought this is for Laptops only?
Yes, I don't know what dolgarrenan added this. You'll see it's disabled in config.plist. Remove it.
SSDT-X299X-DESIGNARE10G-PC00-PLUG.aml: Dortania doc:"The purpose of SSDT-PLUG is to allow the kernel's XCPM(XNU's CPU Power Management) to manage our CPU's power management" Same as OC ACPI
Same purpose yes, but containing only the code needed for this motherboard - the full SSDT-PLUG.aml is much larger, as it covers all possible permutations of CPU names.
SSDT-X299X-DESIGNARE10G-PC00-EC-USBX.aml: "Hides the firmware embedded controller and fixes some USB problems" Do you have an EC in your firmware? I haven't found PNP0C09 in my System DSDT. USBX is necessary thou.
The Dortania guide has a combined EC-USBX listed as required for Skylake-X/Cascade Lake-X, as did dolgarrenan's original EFI, so that's what I'm still using. I haven't specifically checked as to whether the EC part is needed or not. Maybe you're right and the EC part isn't needed, I don't yet know.
SSDT-X299X-DESIGNARE10G-PC00-RTC0.aml: Dortania doc: "The purpose of SSDT-AWAC/RTC0 is to fix the system clocks found on newer hardware". Why is your version better than the OC ACPI Sample/SSDT-RTC0-RANGE.aml?
As with PLUG, this is basically the same as SSDT-RTC0-RANGE but containing only the code needed for this motherboard.
SSDT-X299X-DESIGNARE10G-Vega64.aml: It's based on works from KGP but modified. You removed the overclocking, right? What else does it do? I do understand the naming, but not the other stuff. Do you have any glitches without it?
This is a kext that dolgarrenan sourced and I don't know what most of it does - you'll see I posted questions about this just today. I edited it to have the right name for my GPU, but the rest is unaltered and I don't yet understand the rest of the contents. It's on my list to research.

I currently have this disabled in config.plist, until I understand better what it's doing, and whether any of the advanced code is needed on my GPU.
SSDT-X299X-DESIGNARE10G-PC00-NVMeSSD.aml: Same thing here. You added the third controller of the board. But what does it do? Wha't not working without it? Cosmetic?
100% cosmetic I believe.
SSDT-X299X-DESIGNARE10G-PC00-ARPT-INTEL-NODSM.aml: Rename _SB_.PC00.RP01.PXSX->ARPT, right? Why don't you use the config.plist patch section? Cosmetic?
I use DeviceProperties for cosmetics on this device. Renaming the device is again something inherited from dolgarrenan (and maybe KGP before him) which I've been trying to understand whether is purely cosmetic or important. I believe now it's likely entirely cosmetic, and therefore this SSDT is not important.

I don't use ACPI Patches because in OpenCore they will apply to all operating systems, with no way to configure them to apply only in macOS. Therefore they should be avoided if at all possible by anyone planning to boot other operating systems from OpenCore, eg Windows.
Cosmetic, can be done with DeviceProperties.
Cosmetic, can be done with DeviceProperties.
SSDT-X299X-DESIGNARE10G-PC00-HDEF.aml: _SB_.PC00.CAVS->HDEF and naming right?
Not looked into it yet, as I don't use the onboard audio at all. I have a USB sound card.

I plan to test onboard audio at some point, just for completeness, but haven't done so yet.
SSDT-X299X-DESIGNARE10G-PC00-PMCR.aml: Dortania doc: "This SSDT is required for all "true" 300 series motherboards(Z370 is excluded), it specifically brings back NVRAM support and requires very little configuration for the end user." NVRAM works fine for me without the patch. Does it not work for you?
Nope, works fine for me with and without this SSDT. Probably just cosmetic, or else not required.

Users of some other X299 motherboards are having major NVRAM problems and have experimented with using this SSDT to fix them, but with no luck so far.
SSDT-X299X-DESIGNARE10G-PC00-SBUS-NEW.aml: Dortania doc: "AppleSMBusController: Aids with correct temperature, fan, voltage, ICH, etc readings. AppleSMBusPCI: Same idea as AppleSMBusController except for low bandwidth PCI devices. Memory Reporting: Aids in proper memory reporting and can aid in getting better kernel panic details if memory related." What's the benefit of this patch?
Only cosmetic as far as I know. dolgarrenan's original version broke sleep, which I traced back to the _DSM properties in this SSDT. So I removed them and went with this version. But, again, it can be removed.
SSDT-X299X-DESIGNARE10G-PC00-THUNDERBOLT.aml: Necessary for TB3 plug and play, right?
Yes, I believe so. I don't yet have any TB3 devices to test. And I think possible it's only required if TB3 firmware patching isn't done, which is something I plan to try sometime soon. There's a lot more info on this in the X299X thread I link above.
SSDT-X299X-DESIGNARE10G-PC00-X550T-NODSM.aml: cosmetic?
I believe cosmetic. Originally applied properties to the 10GBe GPUs. I moved those properties to DeviceProperties, so now all this does is rename the devices (I think XGBE and XGBF?) I'm not yet aware of any functional benefit to having them renamed, so almost certainly can be removed.
SSDT-X299X-DESIGNARE10G-PC00-XHC.aml: It's based on works from KGP but modified. You added he third controller, right? What else does it do? I do understand the naming, but not the other stuff. Do you have any glitches without it?
USB stuff. This is something I need to understand better, and I will likely remove it eventually. As you'll see in this thread, many of the X299 users here are going for a non-SSDT approach to USB handling, using a USB.kext that does all USB mapping. I plan to go the same way also. In the meantime, this SSDT gets all USB controllers named (cosmetic?) and I believe ensures all USB ports work (at least with XhciPatchLimit = true).
Have you tried to remove a few of you patches and check whether you system sit still running flawlessly? I guess a few things might not be necessary.
The system will run flawlessly - possibly with the exception of full USB port support - with only the following SSDTs loaded:
> RTC0

On top of that you're likely to want to add some form of USB mapping. But nothing else appears to be required for day-to-day operation. Though I still want to understand the potential benefits of a GPU SSDT or DeviceProperties, as per my recent post in this thread, and some observations I made about differences noticed when having a GPU SSDT/DeviceProperties.
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Hey @TheBloke
I guess we're more or less on the same level of understanding ;)
I'll attach my current EFI, if you want to try it for a boot. It's a really slim version based on Dortania with all ACPI edited manually.

- Sleep
- Thunderbolt
- Radeon VII
- onboard Audio
Not tested:
- Thunderbolt hotplug
- iCloud
- Bluetooth (no time yet)

I'd be happy if you have a look at my EFI



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@Dogman I don't think you need the GPRW -> XPRW patch? Certainly I don't, and I've not seen anyone else with X299 talk about this. As I understand it, this patch is for fixing instant-wake on sleep, and is related to USB devices. Do you have this problem? I do not.

I have had a problem where the system wakes from sleep once every hour (or two, I forget.) This is fixed with the following terminal command:
sudo pmset -a tcpkeepalive 0

You also have an XHCI rename. It's possible this could interfere with Windows or other OS, if you plan to dual boot using OpenCore. If you don't, it's fine. I believe it's possible to avoid such renames by configuring USB completely via USB.kext, as @Loloflatsix explained how to do earlier in this thread. That's something I plan to try soon.

Other than that it looks good.

Our Thunderbolt SSDTs differ in a number of ways. I haven't investigated TB3 yet so I don't understand the implications of the differences. Did you make that SSDT yourself, or source it from somewhere?
Happy Thanksgiving to all! Quick question, anyone get the new AMD RX 6800 XT cards to work yet? Yes, No... maybe? Enjoy your day with friends and family and Stay "Safe" - I mean STAY AWESOME!
The driver is not ready yet. Apple still works on it.

WEG isnt necessary. The apple driver in macOS is.
I am very excited today, I just received my new motherboard from Asus from DHL : now I will put it on my EVGA DG 84 Custom case and I will see how it works and keep you posted...:beachball:

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Is that your third X299, @Loloflatsix ? What do you do with them all? :)

@rustEswan FYI I've started the testing of the theoretical NVRAM recording install method. I've got a record of all the NVRAM changes between the different phases of install. I'm currently trying to re-create a failed install, so I can then test if applying the NVRAM data will fix it. More updates in a few hours, hopefully.