*WORKING* Dual 780 Ti 4K Hackintosh Build: GA-Z87X-UD5H - i7-4770K

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*WORKING* Dual 780 Ti 4K Hackintosh Build

Thanks Pullerz!

When running the 4k footage in Premiere. Is this at FULL quality? Also, is the footage saved on an SSD, 3.5inch drive, or external?
Hey dude, I was just wondering, could you help me out. I just got round to updating from Mavericks to Yosemite and am having quite a lot of trouble! Since you have a pretty similar rig to me, which boot flags did you use to get to the installer (if you can remember) and what else did you do to make it work?

Any help/ advice would be greatly appreciated!

Is your cards still working?

I have a 780Ti and I can't seem to get it to work using your steps. The only thing my hackintosh is using is my onboard graphics. (Intel HD4000)

I'm on Yosemite 10.10.3 with the latest NV web drivers.
I can't get dual 780tis to boot.
I followed another tutorial but to no avail.
*WORKING* Dual 780 Ti 4K Hackintosh Build: GA-Z87X-UD5H - i7-4770K

it doesnt like it when i use NVIDIA drivers (blank screen on boot)
i can only boot with OSX drivers with single card and the attached plist boot file.
is it 'wrong' to be running the native osx drivers?

any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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this video got removed by youtube - could you give us a text version or repost the video on some other site?? thanks...
Do you think this would work with my rig

gigabyte X79 UD3
intel i7 3930k

The answer is definitely no as my CPU doesn't have internal graphics. I have been trying to find information about getting dual cards working for a long time on my current rig. I love everything about it but the GTX670 just isn't cutting it for 4K. It is looking like I need to do a new build but that is going to be costly. Any advice as to what you would do if you were me?
Hello, I don't know if this has been answered yet.

I have like you the GTX 780Ti. The Graphics Driver NVidia web helper is installed and working. I did instal the CUDA driver for MAC as well, it's installed. But apparently, and I can see that when for exemple I'am gaming, the GTX780Ti isn't the GPU used (bad graphics, jerky, latency in video etc).

The thing is I don't fully want to re-instal everything (like your tutorial) Is there now, something I can do to get my GPU fully supported? The GPU is recognize in OS X, just not used.
hi, just installed a pair 780ti's to hero viii plus 6700k.
el capitan with clover bl.
with my 4k screen iiyama B2888UHSU, loads and goes to desktop but very distorted screen, and only resolution that works clear is 1280 x 720, all others distorted.

now if i install my 1920 monitor hdmi, all is well.

So if anyone can shed light on getting this to work on 4k monitor please advise.

heres a pic showing both cards working in luxmark with full acceleration.

780ti-lux copy.jpg
Unfortunately there are some odd situations with some of the 4K monitors. Some work and some don't. It's obvious that your drivers are working, so that only leaves the interaction between the OS and the detection of the monitor. Is it possible to adjust the resolution of the 4k monitor once both are connected?
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