Work around for windows BSOD acpi_bios_error on UX410 Win10/Catalina dualboot

Nov 4, 2020
  1. MacBook Pro
- Asus UX410 with one 128GB SSD and one 1TB SATA
- The system is installed with Win10 on one physical SSD and MacOS and Catalina on the SATA physical disk.
- Using OpenCore 0.6.2
- The system was giving BSOD acpi_bios_error when I switch from Win 10 to MacOC using OpenCore bootloader, and vice versa.
- After getting BSOD acpi_bios_error, I have to boot from bios UEFI
- Using UEFI to open windows is fine but sometimes will it will go to safeboot/trouble shoot page first
- Using UEFI to open MacOS sometimes breaks but then I can use OpenCore installation USB to start the OC menu to load MacOS
- I already switch off Fast Startup in Win10
- BIOS setting only allows AHCI, FastBoot enabled, Secureboot disabled

What I have done:
1. Install Refind (say Refind-M) in MacOS partition. But problem persist
2. Then I install another Refind in Windows (say Refind-W) and set this version of Refind as highest priority. It finally works:
- Every time when system starts it loads Refind-W first.
- If I want to load windows, choose Winodws directly from Refind-W menu. It works without any acpi_bios_error
- If I want to load MacOS, I have to choose to open Refind-M from the Refind-W menu. Then choose to open MacOS from the Refind-M menu. It also works without any acpi_bios_error.
3. And when I removed Refind-M and try to boot MacOS directly from Refind-W, the acpi_bios_error comes back again.

It looks stupid but at least problem solved. I guess the acpi_bios_error glitch is due to bootdisk switching from one another.

Is there anyway I can enhance the boot process so that it can looks nice and smooth
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