Will my Nvidia Graphics Card work with macOS ? List of Desktop Cards with Native Support

Feb 21, 2021
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Adding a 'Second' physical graphics card defeats the purpose of using the dual 680/GTX 690 card, especially one that is likely to be incompatible with macOS and cause graphics issues! All the EVGA GTX 650 Ti cards use the GK106 chip so your chances of having the problematic memory leak are high with these cards.

That proposed setup may not even work correctly in Windows 10, as it will see the GTX 690 as an SLI setup. Adding a third GPU (GTX 650 Ti), which is not identical to the other two GPU's is likely to cause you more headaches than it is worth. Especially if you plan to drive a display from the 'third' GPU.

Having looked at the specs for the EVGA GTX 650 TI cards, it appears these cards (there are five different EVGA 650 Ti cards) appear to all have 2 x DVI and 1 x mini-HDMI outputs. Do you have two identical models, are they the 1GB or 2GB models?

Having looked at the specs for the GTX 650 Ti cards -; I would say the GTX 690 would be a definite improvement over two GTX 650 Ti cards. Even with just one of the two 680 GPU's working.
The cards I have are 2GB models, 1x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort, 1x DVI-D, 1x DVI-I. Each card runs one monitor over HDMI.

As for Windows being confused on GPUs? No idea how it's going to go, but my Windows install seems to ignore the problems that other users have and make its own, e.g. the BSoD print bug didn't affect me, and I was able to run a 9400 GT and a GTX 750 2GB in my computer with no issues (while the display outputs on the 9400 GT don't work, I was able to see it in NVidia Control Panel and mess around with what it did).
I think you can disable SLI on the 690, effectively making it 2 680's, but don't quote me on that.

It's fun to tinker, though, so I guess we'll see!


Aug 2, 2013
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You are safe to update 11.3.1, if everything is working correctly in the current version of Big Sur you are using. The latest Big Sur update fixes some Webkit issues, no driver changes compared to Big Sur 11.3.

I used a couple of GTX 660's a few years ago. They worked just fine for a time. The graphical issues didn't happen till after I had been using the cards for some months . I was thinking the they were like yours, and not affected by the memory leak. Only time will tell if your GTX 650 TI cards are immune to the issue.