What is the best place to buy wi-fi cards for laptops in Europe?

Jan 7, 2018
HP 841C (HP Pavilion 15-ck013nl) (Clover)
Intel Core i5 8250U
nVidia 940MX, Intel UHD Graphics 620 1920x1080
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Yesterday I was gripped by boredom and decided to try to install High Sierra on my new HP Pavilion 15 ck013nl (i5 8250U, 940MX) I bought a week ago. I knew from the start I wouldn't have stuck fon any longer than maybe two hours with macOS because the latop has an Intel wi-fi card ( which, as we all know, has no hackintosh support whatsoever.

Moral of the story, after a couple of hours of trying I get High Sierra 10.13.5 to successfully install and boot, although only in safe from from Clover but I will be looking into this issue later on when I will have changed my wi-fi card.

So I started looking around to see what card should I buy and i stumbled upon a site which suggest to buy the Dell DW1830 for laptops with NGFF M.2 interface (which my laptop has).

Now the question is: what is the best place to nuy this card in Europe?

Bonus question: are there any other cards I should put on my radar or should I just stick with the Dell?

Thanks everyone!
Jan 23, 2011
you should read your laptop guide which will tell you the model to be used for your specific laptop.
best place to buy... what a silly question. Best for me is something different than best for you obviously. Maybe the best answer is: On the Internet.