What does "Inject" mean exactly? after I did that my fans started spinning at full speed

Jul 25, 2018
ASUS p8h61-mle/csm r2.0
INTEL i7-3770
GeForce 970
Hello! So, after I installed El Capitan, my resolution was off (stretched screen) and I couldn't fix it in the settings. I even used SwitchResX but it didn't help. Then I came across this and, since my graphics card is a Geforce 970, I decided it was OK to click the "Inject NVIDIA Web Driver" in Clover Configurator. Anyway, I restarted my computer, and, when it tried to load, the OS the Geforce fans started spinning at full speed, and I only got a black screen.

I gave up on it for now. So I removed the HDD with El Capitan, and I put in my HDD with Windows 10 on it. Windows 10 boots up fine, but when the Windows OS is starting, the fans go at full speed (and they stay at full speed). I tried restoring the settings in the NVDIA control panel on Windows. I downloaded the Geforce latest drivers. I tried taking out the graphics card and re-installing it, but the problem persists.

Any ideas? At this point I just want everything to work fine with my Windows 10
HDD, and I can't use my HDD with El Capitan on it since it won't load the OS.

Motherboard: ASUS p8h61-mle/csm r2.0
CPU: INTEL i7-3770
Graphics card: GeForce 970
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