What about AMD's R9 Series (280x, 290x) on our Hackintoshes?. Further explanation.

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I tested Asus R9 270X last couple hours. I can only say that this card working perfect OOB, recognized as 7xxx. I tired many apps and didn't saw any errors. Only error have with HD content in iTunes, but that is unique problem. I was happy after LuxMark benchmark with 1533 points :D and believe or not my card was automatically low multiplier and back to idle temperature. So I can say that graphic power management on this card working nice. I had a lot problems in past with couples asus nvidia cards(like GTX 650,660,670) with gr.pow.managment) so ppl I can recommend this card for hackintosh.
Based on this thread, I went with an Asus R9 280x for my first build last night. Everything went fine ---- except only the top DVI port works.

When I plug known good monitors and known good cables into any port other than the top DVI, it doesn't get any signal. If I leave the first monitor plugged in and plug in a second, the second never gets a signal.

Am I missing something? This thing has 4 displayports on the back I was expecting to use but none of them seem to work. Did I get a dud card or is this something in my config / bootloader??
My R9 280x has just turned up today,

Will be testing it on my new build tonight and feedback the outcome. Fingers crossed
Seems to be working, I had to put the default graphics as the iGPU though to get it to boot.

Few things I should say about my build though. It is a new build, I haven't completed it yet (i.e. it's running but the case for it only turned up today) It also runs headless (i.e. no monitor, no keyboard/mouse etc, just ethernet) Also to be able to run it headless I force the graphics card by using a dummy vga plug (a hdmi to vga adapter with some 100 ohm resistors sticking out the end)

It is also limited to resolution settings with only 1080p and two others showing, however this could be due to the dummy plug.

I want to play around with the framebuffers on it a bit I think.
I chickened out and ordered a 770 gtx. :eek:

Why a card like that if you are running headless??
My card is arriving the next few days - don't know yet when I'll have enough time to build ...
i went for this model: Gigabyte Radeon R9 270X WindForce 3X OC, 2GB GDDR5

Hope everything works *fingers crossed*
Hey guys,
I am trying to get my R9 290X to work with my system here. If i try to boot normally from drive, I get a boot0 and a bunch of gibberish afterward, which I would assume the video drivers down't like the new card. I can boot using my rescue disk and typing GraphicsEnabler=Yes, however, only one of my screens work and I have tearing on my screen (signs of drive initialization issues). Anyone care to offer some assistance? I can create a video if you guys want and show you what exactly is going on.

If you need more information, please ask.

Thanks in advance!
~End Void
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