[WARNING] Clover will break your REAL Mac, use with caution

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Well I accidentally did this to my machine today. Used a USB disk that previously used for Hackntoshing and had a disk image maker tool format the drive and load up high sierra. Well it booted to Clover once and now its a lifeless machine. So I am glad that might be some light at the end of the tunnel that doesn’t end with me getting a new main board.
Any news someone ?
Did the EFI chip replacement or reprogramming worked for you guys?
I always make my boot drives with my MacBook Pro. And never have the problem... I have 2 disc intalled in the Mac with Yosemite and Sierra. and pushing sift alt always send me to startup disc... I think is not refi chip problem is disck problem because clover remove partition on hard disc. you can try with other clean real Mac installation drive????
I'm not an expert at all, but I think that Clover has nothing to do with the EFI eeprom chip on the logic board. It is just installed on the EFI partition of your hard drive, so probably the problem is more related to the EFI partition.

One time when I was working to install on a Lenovo laptop a hackintosh, I installed clover by error on my iMac's fusion drive, so I had to remove the drives from it and install os x on them again from another Mac. Then it booted again.

In fact there is an USB image that allows you to download El Capitan from the App Store on a Mac Pro 1.1 or 2.1 that it's an Clover USB with no injections, it only changes the Smbios for one of the Mac Pro 3.1, so you can download El Capitan on those Macs.

I guess that the only way that clover can brake your system is if any kind of SSDT, injection or something similar makes a hardware issue by overheating something. But I have no idea about this.
See Post #1 here.

If you do that they will just replace the logic board and charge you a lot of money.

Actually my MBA was not in warranty, then I took my macbook to one repaid store, and they don't know what's going on, but they just re-flash the bios for me, and everything goes well. After I go home, I plug in my usb flash disk and boot into clover, and my macbook is broken again. I took it back to the store, and they re-flash the bios for me, everything is good until now
I had a long discussion with a senior apple expert about that on the apple repair center online,
I explained my situation in detail.

He is surprised that verbose mode and online mode won't work, because they are the first to be called, even when the classical EFI boot is corrupted.

So he would not be surprised if I had a hardware problem anyway ...
which would be consistent with your kind returns as NVRAM reset is not working for me.

Still, he declared that apple cannot reprogram EFI at all ...

So I have only two option left :
1) logic board replacement with certified apple store repair center
2) EFI chip reprogramming with a dump of an official firmware

I think I will go for the second option as I have nothing to loose

If you are in warranty, remove your hdd/ssd and back up your file, and take it to genius bar, they can take care of this. If you does not have any warranty, take it to any 3rd party repair store, told them to re-flash the bios/efi chip. My repair store just remove my chip and insert it to a weird device and flash the firmware. After that, they solder it back to my logic board, everything goes well
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