Virus! I got a virus on my Windows Machine. Clover boot for Apple is gone now.

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If the MacOS drive is connected and is listed in your bios, it should show up in the Clover startup menu (even if the efi on that drive was trashed by the virus). Suggest you check the bios at boot to see if the drive shows up.

Yes the drive does show up in the system bios but I can’t boot from it.
If the drive shows up in the bios, you should be able to select it from the Clover startup menu of operating systems when you boot from the installation usb. You didn't state which MacOS was on the drive you can no longer see. If it's on an apfs volume, and the usb installer was made prior to implementation of apfs, then it won't see the OS on the drive. You should check to see if apfs.efi is in the drivers64uefi folder. If not, download a copy, put it in that folder and reboot.
@pastrychef thanks for the help. I sadly don’t have a way of doing that.

I built the system 2 years ago so I’m not up to par on everything.

I’m not sure I’m using the correct USB.

Is there a guide on creating a bootable clover USB that I can do with a new USB drive? As a final attempt.

Thanks so much for your help. I’d be totally lost otherwise

The standard UniBeast guide will work.
Have you checked your bootable usb to see whether apfs.efi is there? See post #12. What MacOS were you using? Was the volume apfs?
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