Vintage HiFi seperates hackintosh build!

Jun 5, 2012
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Hi there! this will be my first thread I've ever made so please bear with me.

I had noticed a few people had built themselves systems inside of old stereo separates before, (there are probably already threads similar to this one on here already, if i find them i will add links or feel free to comment and add them yourselves).
For me the biggest thing that was missing was enough space to fit all the components in without squeezing things too close together or sacrificing components like full height graphics cards or multiple hdd's and larger power supplies.
My current hackintosh is a gigabyte b75 matx mobo with a core i3, 8gb ram, nvidia 650 ti, 700w psu, 4 sata hdd's and an ssd boot drive running 10.8.3 (and an optical drive).
I worked out that i would need 2 separate units to house all of my components happily and i thought while i'm at it i'd try and get a matching amplifier so the pc would have its own dedicated sound system, and so after a lot of ebay crawling and about an hours drive here is what will eventually be my main hackintosh computer/media server.
Over the next few weeks i will be showing detailed pictures and explanations of the build an my plans but right now would really welcome any hints tips or ideas that you may have (a link to somewhere that can explain how i would get the old analogue needles to display temperature or fan speed would be amazing)
This isn't my first case mod so i have a good idea of what im doing, but i like reading the threads in this community and wanted to be a part of it :) plus i know there are plenty of people that will probably have ingenious ideas that will make this setup awesome!
So far my ideas are that i will be using the existing openings in the front panels to fit usb ports, headphone outputs etc.
I like the idea of using the original analogue needles as temp gauges and possibly using the original knobs as fan speed controllers?
Also i plan to fit the optical drive in where the original tape player was (it just fits, i checked lol)
The other idea i had was to have proper plugs for everything on the back so the individual units can be moved and arranged differently whenever i want.
So there it is, I suppose you could call it a modular vintage hackintosh or PC separates, i dunno lol.

Comments welcome :)