Video-editing file server build

Mar 17, 2017
hello forum!

I was an active member of another community when the scene started out quite some years ago. I always thought about building another hackintosh but never found the right reasons. Now I need something I just can't find anywhere (at least not for a price I'm able to pay) and I like to build it myself:

We founded a small agency with a focus on photography and videography. Nowadays, 4K is a must even while working for the «smallest» customers. Our main workstations are 3 MacPros. We have a Synology DS1812+ for storage and an external backup. We don't like to change anything on that. Now we like to add a fileserver which gives us enough space to keep actual projects/assets on it (1-2TB should be suffice) and is fast enough for 4K editing over the network.

Without going into more detail for the moment, I like to do a build based on the following specs:

- (file)server based on macos Sierra (+Server Tools)
– System on 64GB SSD (existing)
– Highpoint RocketRaid 2720 HW-Raid-Controller (existing)
– 4x Gbit NIC (if possible, 2x – our switch allows for LACP with 8 ports)
– if possible, working thunderbolt (2, better 3)
– case/psu is secondary, what fits the build


1.) How much CPU and RAM does such a build need for the required speed? (We might have a spare E5-1620v2 but if a i5 or even i3 is suffice, I'd like to go for that)
2.) A mainboard that suits this project (maybe .. with thunderbolt?)
3.) Are there compatible 4-port-NICs?

I hope you can enlighten me and bring my build with me forward!
I'll be glad to share the project with you.