very 1st hackintosh, aka my journey through a briar patch of frustration (please help if able)

Jul 15, 2020
gigabyte z390
intel i9-9900k
sapphire radeon 580 rx
i guess i should start with my specs 1st so i'll list that 1st

mobo: gigabyte aorus pro wifi
cpu: intel i9-9900K
gpu: sapphire radeon rx580
ram: ballistix sport lt 32 gb (2x16)
hdd: seagate 1tb
psu: rosewill hercules 1600w
os media: retail Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.3 DVD

so i tried to do this via iBoot and would get as far as the Apple logo and no further, in some instances only a black screen, still others i would see text flash across the screen then blank. Discouraged but not defeated, I decided to see if it was possible to maybe procur a newer version of Mac OS, one that may have drivers for the parts that i have assembled, and i found that the ONLY way to create the bootable media that i need is to already have a ver. of Mac OS X running and download the .dmg from the app store and create via unibeast. Another roadblock as, outside of my iPhone & AirPods, i do not own any other mac related products (and i'm not too happy about the iPhone let me tell you, didn't know i was that much of a control freak and OCD). I was beginning to feel like i may never get this process started until i thought of the most convoluted way to pull this whole thing off. Install windows on the machine, run a VBox to get on Mac OS X and create the necessary bootable media that way, maybe i'm just grasping at straws here, but i will update as this process moves along, i may even do pictures...