Verifying if Intel 630 has acceleration enabled, implementing if not

Mar 14, 2018
Thinkpad X1 Extreme - Clover
UHD 630 / GTX 1050Ti, 3840x2160
MacBook Pro
Mobile Phone
I recently started a thread to see what options there are to get my ThinkPad X1 Extreme Hacktinosh to run quieter. The fans on it are really quite loud even just downloading stuff which it shouldn't be: Windows is completely silent unless playing a game, so I'd assume macOS/Hackintosh should be doable as well. I did disable the dGPU which only marginally seemed to help.

I did find out some good stuff from that thread like the Native Power Management for Laptops Guide is still relevant to CoffeeLake CPUs. I still need to go through this myself and haven't had time.

But something else that came up that I can't find much info on, let a lone a guide for, is iGPU acceleration. It was suggested to me that the reason it could be running so loud is that the iGPU acceleration isn't properly configured and that it is just going through the CPU, thus basically stress testing it every time it is turned on.

I'm having difficulty finding anything on the subject. So was hoping someone could point me in the direction of:

1. What I can check to determine if iGPU acceleration is properly working--macOS seems to detect the Intel 630 and its associated memory, so not sure if that really tells me anything.
2. If there is a resource/guide for implementing properly--I was unable to find one specifically and didn't see anything related in any of the standard RehabMan guides (making USB, DSDT/SSDT patching, etc.).

Thanks for the help!