VEPro 6 Slave Build - PC or Hackintosh

May 30, 2018
MacBook Pro, Mac Pro

A newbie here...but an Apple advocate going back to Lisa days.

I currently have a Mac Pro late 2013, 3.5GHz 6-core, 64GB RAM w/Apogee Symphony MK II 24x24.
Also have MacBook Pro 2015 2.8GHz Quad i7, 16GB RAM.

I'm looking for specs on a recent (less than 1 yr) VEP slave build that'll suit the following needs:

1. DP 9.5 Scoring template with min. 1000, 2000+ midi tracks (single articulations)
2. I use only 1 stereo audio output per midi port (e.g. 1 instance of VEP Kontakt5 multi-patch "Violins I-long" w/16 midi ch.), EXCEPT percussive instruments patches, for which I use ALL independent audio outputs.
3. I bounce all mockups to PT2018 for mixing, and rarely use more than some reverb plug-ins on DP 9.5.
4. Full use of UAD Octo+Quad when mixing on PT, but not while scoring mockups on DP.
5. My main library is OrchestralTools Berlin Series (minus some expansions), plus Omnisphere/Keyscape. Plus a few other sample libraries and a couple of drum VST plugins. Everything ITB. No external synths/keys.
6. The machine will be used EXCLUSIVELY as a VEP slave - i.e. no GPU, no monitor, no wifi

Some other points to consider:
1. I'd prefer MacOS, as I stopped using Windows more than 10 yrs ago, but seems like Windows 7 or 10 is okay. I'd like to know what advantages/disadvantages there are. E.g. - do I need to have my sample library SSDs reformatted to use on Windows OS? I just don't know these things anymore.
2. I had very little to no issues mixing audio on PT with my MacBook Pro in the past, but never used it as a scoring DAW platform. so I wouldn't mind using that as a master and converting the MacPro to a slave as well. Potentially having a PC slave and a MacPro slave.
3. I will consider switching to Cubase, if someone can convince me that hardware stability/compatibility when using Cubase will outperform all other DAW.

I see there are many helping hands on this forum and I'm very thankful for all the suggestions I received from another thread, but PLEASE only reply if you have experience with VEPro and able to recommend specs for this build. I've built many pc's in the past, so that's not an issue. I just need the right specs for this build.

MANY THANK in advance to everyone on this forum. I didn't even know this existed until a few hours ago.
Apr 7, 2012
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Also very interested. Any luck so far, @JywK ?