Using macOS Disk Utility - Restore Feature To Backup Your Customac.


Jun 26, 2012
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As per the title I used Disk Utility - Restore feature to Clone my up to date working SSD installation drive. This feature is free and a great way to ensure you can boot into your system just incase your working drive goes bad or as many people do make that testing mistake that prevents your drive from booting. There are other ways to clone your drive as mentioned here Backup Solutions For Your Mac or CustoMac |

Most people tend to have either internal or external spare drives that they use to back their system drive. This method couldn't get any easier and is so effective.

Please note: This method does not copy over your EFI partition. You can use your main drives installation EFI partition to boot into the clone once its completed then simply copy over your EFI folder to your Clones EFI partition. This allows the clone to boot independently.

1. Boot into your UniBeast Installer and once at the Installer Open Disk Utility from the Utilities Menu​

2. You can use a full drive or just a partition of a larger drive as I've done to make the clone. If you want to use a smaller partition of a larger drive, create the partition that you feel will complement your main drives size.

3. The partition I used was named Macintosh HD, when the clone is complete it will automatically rename the clone the same as your Primary drive. Select the partition you want to use for your backup/clone.
1 DU.png

4. You can see Macintosh HD is greyed out as my chosen drive above, click on Restore. Disk Utility will ask you to select the drive you want to restore the partition from. I want to restore from macOS Sierra2 so I choose this from the dropdown menu
Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 16.02.23.png

2 DU.png

5. Click on Restore once you've chosen your Primary drive and depending on the size of your drive may take take a little time, make a cup of tea and wait for it to complete.
5 DU.png

Now its complete boot back into your main drive, rename your cloned drive to whatever you want to call it. You can either copy over the EFI folder from your Primary EFI partition to your cloned EFI partition or use your Primary partition to boot your clone.
Easy, free way to keep a working copy of your install drive.
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