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Aug 25, 2016
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Hey all. Just got my first G5!

It's the 2004 dual 2.0 ghz model with a Nvidia 5200 64mb

1.5 GB RAM

I plan on upgrading the RAM to it's full 8 GB

And i'm thinking of getting a Nvidia 7800, as i heard the card is compatabile with both Mac and PC, correct?

Also, i'm thinking of perhaps installing a SSD rather than a HDD.

However i don't know what kind of compatibility issues I may run into.

If you could help me out with RAM, GPU and HDD and/or SSD compatibility that would be awesome!

Pics of my G5 are included.

Have a good one guys.


Are you planning to make this into a hackintosh or keep the old G5 chip/motherboard and run some older version of OS X ?
Are you planning to make this into a hackintosh or keep the old G5 chip/motherboard and run some older version of OS X ?

Thanks for the reply!

I plan on keeping everything intact aside from upgrading the GPU and adding RAM, little by little.

I just love the design but I also love classic gaming and believe the best way to experience it is with the original hardware. Guess you could say I'm a bit of a purist.

I also want to put in an SSD as mentioned above but I have no idea if it's compatible.

It wouldn't be huge, since i'll mostly be gaming and finding other odditiy software that will run on a PPC Mac.

Oh, and it's running OS X 10.5.8
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i just purchased a 1.8 dual g5 as well
came with 1 gb ram , nvidia 6800gt , 500gb hd
updated ram to 3 gig
250 gig ssd
cloned drive with cc cloner no issues
i love these older macs , i have done a hack in these cases
but im going to leave this one working as is
I have a MacMini running the same OS. It's fun. I have used it for Garage Band and also for booting into Classic Mode to use Infini-D 3d animation software that's pretty fun and intuitive to use.

I recently bought a PowerMac G4 (dual 450 Mhz Power PC processors) and decided to mod it. I wish I had two of these cases. I would do the second one a little differently than the way I'm doing this one. I think I would opt to mod the components I'm putting into it in order to fit the case right rather than mod the case to fit my parts.

I saw a YouTube video of a guy who modded a G4 MacMini and it looks almost completely vanilla. It had an i3 processor and an Intel MoBo. I was so impressed.

I would love to do a complete internal mod project to make everything look as original as possible (including removing the inside of the power supply and replacing the guts with guts to a new power supply) - so that everything looks original inside (as much as possible). Reuse heat sinks, hard-drive enclosures, etc. It would be so cool! So - that will have to be next time.

I'm already about $950 into this current build. But, it's pretty cool. Here are the specs:

Gigabyte Z490M Gaming X Motherboard ($160)
Intel Core i5 10500 (10th gen) processor ($220)
2x16 GB PC3200 DDR4 Ram ($140)
500 GB M.2 PNY hard drive ($80)
UHD/3D Blu-ray burner (ultra-slim) ($100)
Optical Drive bay adapter for the ultra-slim blu-ray burner ($15)
floppy-bay front panel with USBC, USB 3.0, SD and Micro SD ($30)
700-watt Thermaltake power supply ($60)
USB-header audio card to power front-panel speaker ($25)
Additional cable extension for 4-pin and 20-pin connectors ($30)
Other wires, soldering iron, Dremel, Dremel bits, and other stuff (abt $150)

lol - eventually, maybe I'll even get OS X Big Sur to finally run on it.
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