Upgraded from Mavericks to Yosemite, some things work better but more things broke

Apr 13, 2012
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MacBook Pro, Mac mini
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I would like to share my experience and also the problems I have.

My basic set up:

See my signature. And I use fusion drive: Intel 180GB + Seagate 1TB drive fusion.

I migrated to Clover, because I lost iMessage after upgrading to Yosemite. It took me a while to fix iMessage under clover but somehow it just suddenly worked. I think more people have it working in Clover than Chimera.

What's improved:

- Sleep works better now. The computer can go to sleep after certain amount of idle and it won't somehow wake itself up. My maverick was almost always running. Now my Yosemite can stay asleep for days.
- iMessage is fixed. And I can send text through SMS relay. I don't do FaceTime on this hackintosh so I didn't test but I think it works if I have cam/mic.

What got worse:

- USB doesn't work well. The USB 3.0 ports all stopped working. Sometimes a USB 3.0 thumb drive can work but unplug and plug back in, then it stopped working. USB 3.0 hub doesn't work either.
- Although I set the kext-dev-mod=1 in every config.plist I can find, it doesn't seem to load the kext properly. Hardware monitoring doesn't work either. So that could explain USB 3.0 not working.
- Magic trackpad often not scrolling. Bluetooth is very finicky. I have to use wired keyboard and mouse just so it work reliably, but it is such a pain that I don't use my hackintosh as often.
- WiFi: the WiFi card somehow doesn't see my 5Ghz network any more.
- Ethernet: Ethernet is not working either.

If you share similar problems, or if you know how to fix any of these issues, please help! Thank you very much!