Upgrade to workstation build

Feb 22, 2012
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Upgrade build HELP.

So right now I have two problem with my computer,

1. the fan are loud and overall the pc is loud so I was thinking about upgrading my cpu stock cooler to the corsair h110i and overclocking making the pc silent

2. my usb 3.0 does not fully work, because it's a 6 series motherboard and drivers are not native.

I want to upgrade to a new workstation build that I would be using for amazing video and audio editing. I use Ableton live 9 and with heavy use it take up 30% of my cpu.

I was think about x99 motherboard with a haswell e chip and 64gb ram and my limit is under $1000 for upgrade if it's even worth it. Mainly I just have to get my mackintosh silent and fix the usb's and I'll wait it out save up and do more massive upgrades like new graphics cards etc. but what do you people recommend?