Upgrade to El Capitan - picture blinks to black (and often comes back frozen)

Sep 22, 2014
Intel HD 4600
Classic Mac
Mobile Phone
Build specs:
system def - Mac Pro (Early 2008)
3.99 GHz Intel Core i7
16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
Intel HD Graphics 4600 1536 MB
Gigabyte Z87N-Wifi Mobo

Hi, folks. I've been coasting along with a mostly full-functioning build with Yosemite for about a year and a half. With Sierra on the horizon, I don't want want to be any more than one OS increment behind. I decided I would take the weekend to go through with upgrading to El Capitan, and didn't expect too much of a headache.

Turns out I had forgotten that the bootloader used rather unanimously now is clover, and I had been using chameleon from my original yosemite install. It seemed straight forward enough, and after successfully creating my USB installer, reaching the installer and having it install without a problem (no boot flags, nothing!) I then booted into El Capitan to run Multibeast to install the Clover bootloader onto the destination SSD. The only thing not functioning from the get-go was audio, which has always been somewhat of a problem for my board. It tends to cut out upon waking up, but I noticed it just wasn't there at all after this install. So I chose the proper Realtek driver in multibeast, added a few other things (USB 3 support and 3rd party SATA), restarted to see how things went.

It was mostly fine, but I then got a freeze, which I associated with USB, which has been another traditionally problematic part of my build, and has had me shutting off USB 3.0 in my UEFI settings. I couldn't replicate the freeze again, decided to go to bed and see how it looked in the morning.

I woke up, booted, and on login screen noticed lots of pixel artifacting, which I fixed by unplugging and replugging my cintiq monitor's HDMI connection (wacom drawing tablet monitor). After about 10 seconds of resting on desktop, the screen blinked black, came back a second later and was frozen. Full lock up. I rebooted, same thing. Rebooted again, same thing, but even earlier before even logging in. My cintiq proved to be a huge pain in the ass during my first installation on this hackintosh with yosemite. Something about its resolution (1600x1200) and graphics memory requirement caused problems with my intel HD 4600 graphics injection, and I couldn't use it as a monitor for my installation and preparation. It was only viable after installation was completed and all was sorted. This time, I installed using an extra monitor I have for another machine, so after these blink and freeze problems with the cintiq, I thought I would try this monitor. Same thing happens, except there is no pixel artifacting. Blink to black, come back frozen. Or blink to black, come back functional, to them blink to black again and come back frozen.

I went into the bootloader options to a temp boot flag in the form of IG-platform-id which I saw was blank. I gave it the proper 0D220003 for HD4600, and booted. It worked, aside from some bluetooth issues (which I believe are unrelated), and I used Clover Configurator to add this id to my plist (as well as selecting 1600x1200 resolution in the GUI options). I went about working on illustration work, and unprompted about 30 mins later the screen blinked, came back, blinked, came back, blinked, came back and stayed functional. However now my audio had died, with no audio device found. I have ResetAppleHDA on my dock, ran it and it didn't resolve the issue (it often doesn't and I have to restart often.)

Anyway, I'm needing to get work done on this machine today, and have to capitalize on its semi-functionality while I can. I will reboot later today to see what, if anything the changed plist does for me. In the meantime, does anybody know why my graphics seem to be acting funny? I thought it could be something going haywire when it switches from the default clover GUI resolution while loading the OS to the native resolution of either monitor I used. However, I don't know why it would happen after what seemed to be a fix, and why it would affect audio.

*I've attached a copy of my plist*


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