Update from el Capitan direct to High Sierra question

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Dec 30, 2015
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I would like to upgrade my rig [profile specs], from el Capitan to High Sierra, and would love some insight before I begin.

I have read through the install guide

And I have combed through numerous posts on the site regarding the update process, but I am just a little confused still.

Firstly I will need to upgrade clover:

I read on the site that you can simply update your clover version using the clover system preferences panel. Is that correct?

Then I am a little confused about the kexts:
If I already have a working system, do I need to manually copy kexts still, or will the clover upgrade take care of that for me?

I should be able to start the High Sierra update after, right? That process seems straight forward.

But after I run the update, will I need to run multibeast too? If so is there some way to export my specs into multibeast or do I need to select everything again?

I assume I need to update my nvidia web drivers with High Sierra too, by getting the latest driver from the site once the upgrade has finished?- []

Also when I start the upgrade process, should I still be able to boot into High Sierra with the older nvidia drivers I have for el Capitan? Or do I need to switch off my boot arguments and go to the onboard graphics unit?

Any insight on this upgrade process would be highly appreciated, I really don't want to mess up my rig.


Note: If you don't see the clover panel, then you need to manually install it. I had to manually install the panel, I did not have it in system preferences for some reason. After installing the clover panel, I see that I am on version 3320, looking to upgrade.
The clover system preferences panel is available here, if anyone reading this needs it []
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