Update Directly to macOS Ventura

Upgrading Hackintosh from Monterey to Ventura went smoothly.
  • Copied existing Monterey volume to separate SSD. Made sure it was a bootable volume.
  • Grabbed latest OpenCore (0.9.6) and installed on adjacent EFI volume.
  • Grabbed the latest kexts for my setup.
  • Updated config.plist file appropriately (one caveat - my RX580 gfx card needed to be spoofed with Kaby Lake setting)
  • Rebooted to confirm working system with new SSD Monterey volume.
  • Restarted PC (swapped in SSD to be an internal disk).
  • Downloaded MacOS Install Ventura from AppStore, and clicked install.
  • Waited (maybe 30mins?). Upgrade completed.
  • Downloaded updates for some broken software, eg VirtualBox.

Everything is working as before - hardware (usb, bluetooth, wifi, audio, DRM movies) and software (Logic Pro, Final Cut, RDC etc).

My biggest win was moving from (the black magic of) Clover to OpenCore during my previous upgrade (BigSur -> Monterey). The Dortania guides are excellent at explaining the meaning of specific config.plist settings, drivers and kexts.


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Updated from Monterey without an issue.
All I had to do is download the latest versions of Clover and kexts.
Thank you for an idea. Without it I would have go through the hassle of creating new flash drive and config.
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