Update Directly to macOS Ventura

Success with MSI-Z590-A PRO Motherboard getting Ventura fully functional from Monterey install with this thread:

A few kext updates fixed audio issues. Onboard Intel LAN no longer works, but I use an Apple USB Ethernet Adapter for wired and Fenvi T919 PCI-E for wireless and Bluetooth.
Hello, I upgraded OC to 0.8.7, running very well with Monterey
But when starting to upgrade to Ventura, using standard MacOS upgrade method, after dowloading th 4Go, I got message "Failed to prepare the software update. Please try again."
Anyone faced this ? any idea to fix it ?
Thank you
Upgraded from Big Sur to Ventura. The process went well following this guide.

Only now on Ventura I am getting an issue where WindowServer crashes after returning to the system when it has been idle for a while.

Some reports online seem to reference original Mac hardware encountering this when switching between iGPU and dGPU. Also noticed the the iGPU was showing 0% processing when trying to log in. After trying various things, the last thing I am going to try is to disable iGPU. The other annoying thing about it, is that it seem to consistently do it after the computer has been idle overnight, only sometimes does it do it during the same day.

There are various threads on official Apple forums and macrumors of people encountering this.

Very strange that it started to happen now... any suggestions appreciated, but not sure what else to try.

The upgrade process itself worked great though, thanks for posting!
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Can I upgrade directly from Catalina to Ventura follow mentioned instruction ?
HD4600 not supported in Ventura. You'd need an AMD graphics card, dGPU.
Even with that, don't skip over Big Sur/Monterey. Upgrade to one of those first.

I started the process to update to Ventura but after updating OC 0.8.8 and Ktext, when I boot my machine I have these error messages displayed, do you know what that means? say ? I don't know how to understand them

do you know what that means?

Each ‘OCS’ line relates to an error in your config.plist.
The ocvalidate utility that comes with each release of OpenCore should help you to identify and correct them.

Use the 'Find' function of your plist editor to locate each of the errors and then you can correct them by comparison with the sample plist supplied with OpenCore.

Your config.plist is crafted for a specific version of OpenCore, ensure that all of the OpenCore files match that same version.
Did a standard upgrade to 13.1 Ventura without issue.


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Updated to latest Clover Version (5151).
Changed SMBIOS from MacPro6,1 to MacPro7,1.

Direct-Update from Big Sur 11.7.2 to Ventura 13.1.

Works! :thumbup:

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