Universal Audio Apollo Issues

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Hi guys! I need help!

I just completed a GA-Z87X-UD5 TH build but can't get the Apollo Twin Duo inputs to work (except for one of the times I reinstalled the Apollo driver!?). The outputs work as they should and the inputs show up in Logic with the right names but no sound. The Apollo Mixer does not recognize the Apollo (except for that one time!). What to do?!

I have two UAD2-cards and they are recognized by the UA software.
I use 10.9.4
I have the latest Win7 with the latest TH-drivers on a separate drive.
I have the same TH-Bios-settings as that picture in steelsam's thread.
I threw away all the TH-kext files as recommended.

It takes a while for date info, spotlight and such to appear (flashing), but the UA symbol is there directly.

Please help!

Check the clock souce of the Twin.. there's a small bug which causes it to default to SPDIF at times.. if that's the case, then you need to switch it to internal.

Hopefully the bug will get addressed with a firmware update, as this issue has tripped me up in the past.
Ah ok good to know.. yeah it doesn't play nice with the Twin..
I'm experiencing a different problem... I left software version 7.7.1, but if I try to upgrade to the latest the apollo stop playing audio also if it' recognized properly. On my MBP 13 instead all work fine!!!

What could it be?
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