UniBeast: Install OS X Mavericks on Any Supported Intel-based PC

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Install went Great...Love everything you guys have done with multibeast (awesome job!)
Will make a Donation very soon
I have an Sapphire 7970 HD and had to switch my monitor over to the internal graphics port to do the install. Afterword, I switched back over to the 7970 and everything booted up like a charm :) I don't even have to put my Hack to sleep and turn it back on to see my desktop after boot up, it all just works!!! :D
Thanks everyone, great guide, great speed at putting out the new software, and great community!
The Mavericks install went fine but now my HD is not found in chimera when booting from any USB. It is detected in the BIOS and it's there after a Time Machine restore, but not after a Mavericks install.
Works perfectly, thanks for getting this out so quickly. This site is absolutely amazing.
The install went fine, rebooted and my SSD is not listed in Chimera. Now when I boot off the USB drive I am getting the spinning beach ball.

GA-B75M and a Samsung 840 256GB SSD
Article: UniBeast: Install OS X Mavericks on Any Supported Intel-based PC

I initially booted from the stick with my 6870 in the slot, a white screen appeared and I started to reset the rig. it would turn white when I was installing 10.8 with the card still in, so I decided that it's going to hang on install and I need to take it out; turns out that half a sec before I pushed the button it nearly switched to the installer screen -- I only understood that after I took it out and rebooted and got the same screen. It hung on the grey apple logo screen for a while, even the cursor appeared, and after 30 seconds it switched to the installer. right now everything works fine, updated without a hitch, plugged the GPU back in and it works like a charm.

TL;DR: you probably won't have to swap out.

i5-2500K, Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3, Gigabyte 6870.
I have the same setup with only i7 instead and works ootb!!! just had to disable onboard graphics.Wont boot otherwise. Dont know why!!
Has anybody installed Mavericks in UEFI mode? & if so, got any easy directions on doing so? Windows 8 boots waaay faster when i installed it in UEFI mode vs traditional BIOS, & i was hoping i could do the same with Mavericks & get rid of normal BIOS altogether. :)
My Mavericks USB won't boot, it shows in the boot menu but when I select it, even with a -x flag it flashes the apple logo and restarts my computer. I tried re-making the drive with no luck
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