UniBeast: Install OS X Mavericks on Any Supported Intel-based PC

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I just installed it on top of 10.8.5 with unibeast and the whole process took like 40 minutes from downloading everything to writing this text. Make sure you disable Nvidia Web Drivers until they update them.

Samsung 840 Pro
WORKS PERFECTLY!!!!!!!!!!!Honestly you guys are awesome!!!!!
I've created a bootable USB drive and I can boot to it but it hangs at the Chimera boot screen, which shows the USB drive and my SSD with ML installed. I can't choose and continue. I also can't seem to type in any boot flags.
Well i have a z77-ds3h and evga gtx 650ti. Install went great GraphicsEnabler=no. But once in mavericks after installing multibeast got funny window lag i did notice this on the gm version also with multibeast. So installed Chameleon-2.2svn-r2265 and now the system runs very smooth no funny lag issues.
Osx mavriks

Mine works great now very smooth using Chameleon-2.2svn-r2265 not multi beast very strange has multi beast has never failed me hmmmm
I am having problems with the USB mouse. I have a USB mouse hooked up and a magic mouse via a BT adapter. Both work in ML.
After the boot from the USB stick the initial installation screen come up. Keyboard works, mouse not.
Removed all other USB connections from PC. No luck.
Move USB mouse connection to the Apple USB keyboard, the connection under the keyboard and he, mouse works. Now going through the install process. Any comments, suggestions why this happens?
Ok. I am running Mavericks already. Before doing the permission fix, I checked all of my system's description. It was all in order and then some. But after fixing the permissions and restarting, my HD6850 gpu shows up now as 6xxx and the profile resets to macpro 2008. It was all fine under the freshly installed Mavericks where the gpu shows as HD6850 and iMac 2011 profile is active with the iMac image showing. Maybe I shouldn't have fixed the permissions before restarting. Although these may just be "cosmetic" resets as my machine is working fine.
i cannot boot without usb. I was install chimera from multibeast but i had no luck. Mavericks work fine this is my only issue.
Just downloaded Mavericks and Unibeast 3.0.0 and get "Installation Failed" after about 20 SECONDS of writing to my USB thumb drive. What I have to do?
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