UniBeast: Install macOS Mojave on Any Supported Intel-based PC

I got through the Mojave install to my SSD, and have booted to the SSD/OS via mu USB drive.

I'm trying to install the basic stuff from Multibeast UEFI Mode, nothing else, and it fails every time, and tells me to look at the logs. Where are the logs? I did a search on my drive, but nothing comes up. I can't imagine why the basic UEFI stuff cant be installed to my SSD drive? I've been at this all day (+ 3 days trying to fix my previous build which lead me to re-install everything) and I still don't have a functioning machine.
[Solved] I found an older thread which said to set the OS calendar year to the same year as Multibeast, 2019 in this case. Once I did that, no more failures. Hopefully helpful to someone.
Does this work on AMD systems too?

EDIT: I upgraded my pc