UniBeast: Install macOS Catalina on Any Supported Intel-based PC

Can anyone please tell me how to do post installs in catalina. Which kexts should I use.
I have just installed catalina.
Thanks in advance.
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Great work, worth the wait now I have three fully working computers fully up to date with fresh installs, thanks Tony, fantastic job
I tried with a 64GB USB and it stalls at "Installing Clover Bootloader..."
Tried again with a 32GB USB and get the same, hanging at the same point.

Will have a hunt around for a 16GB one and try again.
HDD should be formatted APFS instead macOS Extended (Journaled) as writen in tutorial.

I’m installing fresh right now and noticed that too, but the initial installation completed without error.

I didn’t realize the CATALINA volume was HFS until the 2nd Clover boot.

I just chose it to complete installation and it’s almost done. Let’s see if it’s still HFS or if it was converted by the installer on the 2nd pass...

...and it looks like the 2nd pass of the installer CONVERTED the volume to APFS!

So, it is permissible to format a fresh (empty) Catalina target volume as HFS, it will be converted to APFS by the installer. I would assume this process erases the data on a HFS volume.
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