UniBeast 8 Troubleshooting Notes

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Before posting an issue or question with UniBeast please read the following:

1. UniBeast does NOT install anything on your hard drive, it CREATES a bootable USB stick.

2. UniBeast only works on English language systems and is not supported using any other language.

3. UniBeast is not supported when running within a VM. Use your native OS X installation instead.

4. UniBeast does not support running from or copying to Case-sensitive file systems.

5. Installation of Clover will always fail if booted in Safe Mode.

6. UniBeast will detect and only work with a valid purchased copy of High Sierra install application in /Applications.

7. UniBeast will erase the destination disk as part of the creation process. Make sure you have backed up any files on the destination before running.

8. If your "Install macOS High" is less then 5 GB, then it's the partial installer and will not work with UniBeast.

9. It typically takes between 15-30 minutes to complete copying and creating the USB. The time is all based on system and USB type and speed.

10. UniBeast is a signed installer. Make sure "System Preferences - > Security & Privacy -> General -> Allow applications downloaded from" is checked for "Mac App Store and identified developers" or "Anywhere".

11. When running UniBeast on Lion (OS X 10.7), you must be running OS X 10.7.5 with the OS X Lion 10.7.5 Supplemental Updateinstalled. Otherwise you will see "The operation couldn’t be completed. CSSMERR_TP_NOT_TRUSTED" in the install.log.

12. When running on Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6) you must be running OS X 10.6.8 with the Apple Software Installer Update 1.0installed. Otherwise you will see "The operation couldn’t be completed. CSSMERR_TP_NOT_TRUSTED" in the install.log.

13. Most UniBeast failures are due to it not finding your valid purchased copy of Install macOS High in /Applications, or the application is incomplete or corrupted.

Your copy of the install application can get corrupted if you copy it off to another folder and/or volume. It could also get corrupted if you have multiple copies of the application and then update it from the Mac App Store. When you update the application the Mac App Store download function is smart and can detect if the original is no longer in /Applications and update it in the new location or it will only update part of it in the new location and create the rest in /Applications, thus creating a spilt update.

To fix this issue you need to delete all copies of "Install OS X" from all mounted volumes and empty the Trash. Then download it again to ensure that you are downloading a clean complete copy from the Mac App Store.​

14. UniBeast will log to ~/Library/Logs/UniBeast.log which is accessible via the Console application. Any failures or errors will be logged during the appropriate phase.

15. Clover installation logs are written to /var/log/install.log which is accessible via the Console application. Any Clover installation failure logs are written there.

16. UniBeast will only write to an external drive with a partition of 32 GB or less. Larger drives will need to be partitioned.

17. Failure to write errors are either a bad destination drive or host system USB issues.

18. If you choose UEFI Boot Mode install, the USB stick MUST be formatted as GPT.

19. If you get the error "Couldn't copy apfs.efi to destination ESP folder" on a UEFI Boot Mode creation, erase the destination USB stick with the following command and rerun UniBeast:

sudo diskutil partitionDisk USB-Device GPT JHFS+ VOLUME-NAME R​

Replace USB-Device with the device name of your destination volume, i.e. /dev/disk2
Replace VOLUME-NAME with the volume name you want.​

Be aware UniBeast will change the volume name to "Install macOS High Sierra" which is the default that Apple uses for USB installation media.​

20. If you choose Legacy Boot Mode install, the USB stick can be formatted as MBR or GPT. If it's MBR then Clover will be installed to the root of the destination drive. If it's GPT Clover will be installed on the EFI partition.

21. Disable any antivirus software as it can interfere with UniBeast operation.

22. If none of these solve your problem then follow the instructions in
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