UniBeast 2.0 Update

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Article: UniBeast 2.0 Update

Yes, I can say from personal experience that it does.
Thank you sir i am downloading it and installing it today!
help! everytime i want to create a bootable USB drive with lion 10.7 it says installation failed. what am i doing wrong?
Article: UniBeast 2.0 Update

The new UniBeast includes USB 3 support by including by default the
GenericUSBXHCI kext by zenith432.

the version before this I was able to create a fusion drive load the the OS using the Unibeast stick. This new version wont boot my fusion drive to make proper edits.

steps took:

1) boot off USB UNIBEAST stick , boot into installation setup.
2) load the os and install onto fusion drive, get a green successfully complete. Computer asks to restart
3) boot off USB UNIBEAST stick, select fusion drive. Apply the following flags:

- v , Darkwake=0 PCIRootUID=1 GraphicsEnabler=yes

the systems starts to boot and stops at "PCI Config begin" wont load any further.

I noticed that Chimera is not the same version as unibeast, which might confuse the OS on version discrepancies.. Thought it might be something worth looking into.

Thanks for the download and support, hope your all doing well.
Article: UniBeast 2.0 Update

UniBeast ONLY works with legally purchased copies of OS X.

Any discussion of using downloaded versions of OS X or using previous versions of UniBeast will result in a permanent ban.
Article: UniBeast 2.0 Update

Most UniBeast failures are due to your purchased copy of Install Mac OS X or Install OS X Mountain not being in /Applications or being corrupted.

Your copy of the install application can get corrupted if you copy it off to another folder and/or volume and then update it from the Mac App Store. When you update the application the Mac App Store download function is smart and can detect if the original is no longer in /Applications and update it in the new location or will only update part in the new location and create the rest in /Applications, thus creating a spilt update.

To fix this issue you need to delete all copies of "Install OS X Mountain" from all mounted volumes and empty the Trash. Then download it again to ensure that you are downloading a clean complete copy from the Mac App Store.
How long am I supposed to wait for the installation to finish in the USB? I'm using a 12Gb Sandisc Cruzer... and it's taking an age!!!
Anyone can tell me where is the download link for unibeast in download section ???!
Article: UniBeast 2.0 Update


Did you solved your issue?

I'm planning to rebuild my machine with an UniBeast 10.8.4 USB stick and create the Fusion Drive before installing everything, I see you had issues booting the system from the Fusion Drive, could you please share your findings about this?

Thank you.
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