Unable to get QuickSync working - No dedicated GPU - 7700k

Dec 17, 2017
MSI Z170i Gaming Pro Carbon AC
HD 630
Pretty sure my wife is ready to leave me with how much time I've spent trying to get QuickSync working. I'm honestly willing to kick someone some funds to get this active for me.

The system is running great. MacX says that hardware encoding is enabled, but it seems like my FPS when encoding isn't where it should be if QuickSync was active. Handbrake doesn't show it as an option, and I can't figure out why. I've searched through all the forums. Unable to find a fix. Been racking my brain over it for a few days.

Please help.

I have 18,3 SMBIOS loaded. I've included the screenshots of my config. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction, or could use twenty bucks for a screen sharing session.

Thanks! New to the community, and this site and the minds here have gotten me this far. Built two in the last month.

So far I've messed with shiki. Tried it with -12 and just regular -shikigva. If I don't disable gfx then it fails to boot.

MSI Gaming Pro Carbon Z170i
7700k Overclocked to 5.1
Kraken AIO Cooling
16GB G.Skillz DDR4
No Dedicated Graphics

This thing is a Plex Server that encodes to a Direct Stream compatible mp4 container. The reason I need to have it encoding content with quicksync much more quickly than it is now.

Pics of config
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