Unable to get all three monitors working - 780ti

Mar 11, 2014
Classic Mac
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Hello! I recently installed OS X El Capitan on my Hackintosh and a fresh install, everything has gone smoothy no install issues or crashes. Here are my system specifications:

ASUS Formula VII Motherboard
i7 4970k 4.0 GHZ
16GB GDD3 1600MHZ
Nvidia 780ti GPU

I have installed the Nvidia web drivers 346.03.05f02 and I am able to get two out of my three monitors working.

This is my monitor setup

2x Acer 27" S271HL
1x Asus 4k PB287Q

One Acer monitor is connected to DVI
The other is connected to DVI as well
and the ASUS 4k is connect to DP

Only the two ACER monitors are working the ASUS is not being picked up by the OS

Im also using Clover as my Bootloader and Clover Configurator to edit my config.plist

In my SMBIOS i have setup my Mackintosh as a MacPro3,1.

Any ideas on how to get my third monitor working?