Trying to make a new Mac Pro

May 21, 2020
"I am not a native English speaker, please forgive my grammatical errors:)"

I bought a Mac Pro 2010 last year, The condition is very good,a I like its appearance very much. I bought this without memory and graphics card.
At the time, I was very hesitant. I have been thinking about whether to upgrade the CPU and memory and a higher-end graphics card, but even after upgrading its CPU, it is still too far behind. I was thinking about whether to remove the internal components and modify and build a Hackintosh, but I am not willing to damage this case. I already have a MacBook for work, so I am not in a hurry to make this Mac work.So this Mac has been on the table for a year (no memory and graphics card )。

During this time I have been using my Macbook Pro 2016, but it has also started to become slow and stuttered.

In the end I decided to remove the internal components of this Mac Pro and build a Hackintosh. The reason why I made this decision is that I realized that the Mac Pro can no longer be upgraded to the latest system. Of course I can buy a new high-performance Mac, but I don’t like the iMac ’s screen border (although its appearance is really good ).The latest Mac Pro is too expensive for me (and I don’t like its appearance).

After referring to many Mods, I have a rough plan.I don't cut it too much, and I don't want to cut a large area (although some people end up doing beautiful things), I decided to cut only the I / O interface part outside, and I will keep the rest.

The reason for cutting the I / O interface part is my second thought: I hope this Hackintosh is highly upgradeable.Many Mods I have seen so far basically put existing parts into the Mac case. If you want to replace parts in the future, you may have to make new changes.I plan to remove all the internal components and install an adaptor board so that it can install standard components (ATX power supply, ATX motherboard or M-ATX, ITX motherboard), can install a standard 120mm fan or water cooling (240mm) Can install 3.5-inch hard disk (not in the original installation location), and has certain cable management capabilities

At present, I have removed all the internal components (the removal of the top shelf is very troublesome), the two riveted shelves have been removed, and I grinded the rivets to remove them. This part is currently the only place I have cut in my work.

Later I will update my progress and add some pictures.