Thunderbolt Firmware Patch Request

Jul 26, 2018
Asus Z370-A Prime II
RX 580
MacBook Pro
Mobile Phone
Hey all,

I'm looking for an education on patching firmware. Resources, help, advice, or nothing at all. Whatever you got!

I'm inspired by Osy86's NUC build on GH. I think it's incredible. Through reading it over and over again and I've got great thunderbolt behavior. I can hotswap like before, but also use TB devices from a cold boot. I never felt completely stable having to boot with a device on to get connectivity. Lovely. We could stop there but that’s not the spirit.

So far, I've pulled the TB Firmware Update from the OS Mojave installer and also found the Asus ThunderbotltEX3 fimeware file and can view them side by side. In terms of patching I don't actually know what to look for. I can see where the two firmware are similar or just a value off, and then where there's simply more information in the MAC one. So that's a start.

Another inspiration is from a MacRumors' thread about patching the RX580 Sapphire to show up as a Mac edition.

My goal is to patch the Mac one in hopes that the Asus updater (ran in Windows) will take the modified version and we can all get closer to native TB. There's also the thorutil.efi which I know nothing about as well.

Does anyone have a starting point or want to help? I'll attach the files if we have any bites.