Thoughts on First Hackintosh for Video Editing (PP) + Help on M.2/PCIE SSD

Jun 9, 2017
i7 6700K
GTX 1080 Windforce
Hi all,

I've built my own 'gaming' pc years ago which is running very slow now and I'd like to build a Hackintosh for the main purpose of video editing on Premiere Pro (I don't do gaming). Budget is up to 1.2k EUR. I don't care much about render times as long as my machine will handle 4k footage smoothly on my timeline.

Not yet sure on case and motherboard yet as I might go with a Mid tower case.

CPU: i7 6700k 4.0Ghz (250EUR)

Graphics Card: R9 280X (about 200EUR)

PSU: evga 650w modular (80EUR)

Would the above graphics card be sufficient for my need or should I look at a GTX970/GTX1060?

I'm looking at buying an M.2 Samsung 960 SSD. Would I get speeds higher than a normal SSD with an M.2 slot? What if I buy an M.2 to PCIE adapter and use the SSD via PCIE slot? Will that increase read/write speed?

Is the PSU sufficient or should I buy a platinum rated one?

CPU Cooler: Was thinking about getting a Corsair H60 liquid cooler (never had a cpu liquid cooler - is it an overkill for my setup)?

RAM: Was thinking of buying 16GB from the listed Crucial RAM. Are there any better alternatives under 200EUR? Should I buy RAM with a heatsink? Corsair Vengance?

edit: Do I need bluetooth dongle to get a magic mouse working?
Thanks all.