Temporary Solution Concerning Mojave Graphics

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May 30, 2017
Gigabyte B250M-D3H
GTX 1060
So I have been having issues in troubleshooting my main Hackintosh computer and encountered various issues concerning my Gigabyte 1060 Windforce 6GB graphics cards due to driver issues and compatibility. The symptoms would be when opening multiple tabs in any web browser it would pixelate wherever the mouse went and graphic elements of the website would come and go, with the addition of screen tearing randomly when using it.

So I went online to find information on how to fix it but the consensus was the we would have to wait if or whenever Apple/NVIDIA would release updated drivers (which was dubious at most). I didn't like this answer, so I started to dig more around and found many tools, guides, and drivers for previous versions of OSX. This got me thinking, could Mojave possibly be backwards compatible with older hardware and drivers like my old Gigabyte 660TI? A little bit later and ah-ha. I can confirm it has been working so far in addressing all the issues above using my old graphics card.

So far:
- I have installed the last version of the CUDA drivers from here
- Have the Injected NVIDIA Web Drivers Flag checked for 'true'

I am going to keep tinkering with my system and see if I can remedy the issues for my 1060 but I figured I would share this information in case anyone else has run into similar issues. I will update this thread if I make any progress on my 1060.
Not open for further replies.