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Jul 15, 2015
i5 3.09 Ghz
GTX 760
I've my hackintosh since Jan, 2015, it's working fine untill today!
I was working in some vídeos in Black Magic Resolve 14, as I always do, and it freezes. Sometimes it happens with BMResolve.
So I restarted the computer, and to my surprise when it come back, I can't reopen Black Magic Resolve app, and many other. There's a message saying that I don't have permissions. And another one saying that I've to reset my keychain!
So I restart it again, and now, I see the Clover image, the 5 seconds counting to start up, and after that shows the Prohibited sign and the system freezes!
I tried to use te Boot recovery, but nothing happens!
Could anyone help me?!
Thank you guys!!!!

MAC OS 10.11, Intel i5, 2x 16gb Ram, Graphics - NVIDIA GTX 760, 1 SSD 250GB, 1 SATA 1TB
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@boideia, please update your profile (personal details) with your Motherboard or Make/Model, CPU and Graphics Card.
The Rules said:
Profiles need to contain at least your primary system to assist others with helping you.

Boot your system in Verbose Mode and post a picture of your screen when it freezes/hangs.
At Clover Boot Screen press space bar and select Verbose (-v)
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