Super Hackintosh-Mini Compatibility research

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Jan 2, 2017
Dell latitude 3490 7th intel gen chipset
Core I 3 7130U
Intel HD 620
  1. MacBook
I have found some odd gems from some makers in china that produce rather powerful NUC for half the price as Apple's mac mini 2018 line up.
However I got no idea if these are Hackintosh friendly.

Type one box:
SKEYLAKE based , i7 6785r, 65W, IRIS pro 580, DDR3 (max 16g), AC3165 Lan card
Type Two box:
CoffeeLake based , i7 8750h / i9 8950h, UHD630 graphics DDR4 (max 64G)
compatible wifi chips: AC8265 and AC9260.
These two type of box would run two M2 SSD and one SATA drive at the same time, so thats 3 hard drives and 64GB ram max out.

a 8750h model with 32G ram and 512GB M2 AC3165 fitted is about 1000 AUD, base barebone unit with no lan card is about 590 AUD.

Type 3 box:
kabyLake base, i7 8550u, HDS620 graphics, DDR4 (max 64G), RTL8821 or AC3165
This box only supports two hard drives, one M2 one SATA.

I would love to buy one and hackintosh it as dual booting beast to replace my current mac mini 2012 server (max out)
What would be the problems I will face in attempt to install Mac OS 10.13 and up on to these boxes. will the Wifi card, lan card work? will there be mainboard driver issues given I was unable to gather the actual mainboard chipset model as yet.

I would love to have some advice and input on wether is viable to get one and do it.

thank you all in advance
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