(Suggestion) Community bug tracking system. e.g. Probook 4x30s + 10.8.x

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Sep 18, 2012
HP EliteBook_8x0G1
HD 4400, 1366 x 768
Is there some sort of community managed bug tracking system, and related solutions wiki.

Have just read about the 10.8.x update and people having issues with their respective hardware.

I thought this would make it easy for anyone to lookup and cross check things and hopefully make better use of their time enjoying a hopefully smooth setup and use of their new desktop environment, instead of having to read and search through pages of posts to probably solve a problem they encountered, or solved by someone else.

would help reduce duplicate posts, similar to the system they have for ubuntu users help forum.

I'm just kicking off on a project with a probook 4230s, and have bought myself 10.8.x via the app store. Thanks to one of the probook users reply to my post just learnt intel wlan wifi chipset isnt supported out of the box, so a bit of a delay getting the right bits in place, have to buy an atheros 9xxx card from ebay or somewhere, and wait for delivery, and set up a time to replace it.

Still lots more reading ahead,thanks to some users pointing out useful guides, its shortened the reading list- here's my stab at the project

Ok check back later. it's beer/wine/scotch o'clock. TGIF.

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