[SUCCESS] Ziglen’s Build: i7-3930k - GA-X79-UD5 - 4GB RAM - EVGA GeForce GT 640

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But what exactly did you do to get it working? Please let us know. Thanks.

I just reinstalled the audio drivers from the kext pack linked on the first page and then repaired permissions with Disk Utility. I'm using Kext Wizard to install my kexts but I don't think that matters. Also, I'm using the Chameleon bootloader from my USB stick since I had problems booting off of the internal drive's config. Honestly this is such a hairy config that I'm just hoping it stays up until the new Mac Pros come out so I can use this as a network rendering machine.
So lately I'm getting a lot of freezing on wake. It's about 1/4 of the wakes that I'm trying. Anyone else seeing this? I'm using darkwake=0 but it doesn't seem to matter
I'm unable to get my marvel gsata controllers reading my crucial m4. It reads it in bios but not in mountain lion. I put it back int he 6gb controller.

Right now Im using no marvel controllers, I'm out 4 sata ports
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